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basic components

The basic components of the AridGrow® Technology are the Highly Concentrated Powdered and Liquid Extracts, allocated from PEAT & SAPROPEL by using special innovative & high-tech technology AridGrow® with a very high content of HUMIC SUBSTANCES.

PEAT is a pure natural organic sedimentation of the bogs, formed during plants molding in conditions of increased humidity and limited access of oxygen. The content of humic substances in peat reaches 60 %. Peat is capable to preserve moisture in 20 times more than it weight, and then slowly gives it to plants during for a long time period in required proportions. It provides necessary growth of roots. Facilitates and ventilates the soil. Helps to keep moisture and nutrients. Protects the soil from condensation and adds a necessary organic material, adjusting its carrying out speed. Scientifically proved efficiency of peat is preserved during 30 years.

SAPROPEL is a pure natural organic sedimentation of freshwater reservoirs, which starting material are aquatic plants and animal remains, pollen, clay, and also solutions of various mineral matters. Sapropel consists of mineral and organic parts. The mineral part originated from water solutions due to formation of sediments, consisting of fragments of ash food of biomass, clay, etc. The organic part resulted from anaerobic biochemical decomposition of biomass and its subsequent re-synthesis by microorganisms. The content of humic substances in sapropel reaches 70 %. It considerably fills up humus fund of the soil - the material carrier of its fertility. All elements of the plants nutriment, such as K2O, P2O5, CaO, etc. enter into a compound of sapropel that is not present in any separately taken fertilizer in essence. Sapropel reduces soil acidity and raises water-absorbing ability of the arable layer. It is a perfect radioprotector, i.e. promotes fixation of the radioactive strontium and other heavy metals in the soil in an inactive form and inaccessible for plants. Soil receives in 2 times more nitrogen and phosphorus from sapropel than any artificial fertilizers can give.

HUMIC SUBSTANCES are the most widespread natural polymers on the Earth. They represent the organic connections formed during plants molding, mainly have an acid nature and hold a significant amount of nitrogen. The spectrum of the microelements, contained in them, is entirely necessary and completely satisfies the requirements of various plants. Therefore, the plants have predetermined and were the basic source of accumulation of these elements in the Peat. Products, created on the basis of humic substances, completely compatible to the soil systems of any type. Their basic functions of regulating of the water-soluble connections migration in a soil and accumulating of moisture and mineral nutrition ingredients are especially effective for optimization of the agrophysical and agrochemical properties of the arid and sandy soils.

Agrochemical and Ecological Laboratories of the Republic of Belarus under supervising of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus during many years were researching great efficiency of humic substances. It is scientifically proved and confirmed by their practical applicationin in many different regions of the World where there is a problems with a soil fertility, lack of humus, salinity, excessive chemicalization and radioactivity!

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