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range of application

The AridGrow® Technology focused on arid and droughty regions and has perfect water-holding properties. It has the next range of application:

  • DESERTIFICATION & CREATION of various oasises;
  • RESTORATION of the arid, exhausted & salanized soils;
  • LANDSCAPE DESIGNING and decorative greening construction;
  • PLANTING of trees, bushes & green hedges along HIGHWAYS;
  • CULTIVATION of green lawns, flower beds & vegetative plantations;
  • GROWING of decorative floral in domestic & public gardens;
  • GARDENING of FRUITS and VEGETABLES without any mineral fertilizers;
  • PRODUCTIVE agriculture & industrial FARM-PRODUCTION.

Using of the AridGrow® Technology in greening purposes guarantees comprehensive economical benefits, expressed in significant money-spending reduction on watering and supplementary feeding of the landed plants. It allows in some cases completely to refuse from additional application of the various chemical, mineral and organic fertilizers. It gives the country guarantee and security for food independence. It creates a new quality of the land to its owner, transforming desert into fertile territory. It is a very important investment component and an effective way for money savings. To have an idea, just compare the cost of 1 hectare of the arid and 1 hectare of the fertile land…

The AridGrow® Technology is one of the mainstreams for money investing in development of the future generations, their well-being and harmonious co-existence with a natural world. In fact, the future generations will live on gardening lands and will manage completely another quality of an environment - not arid and sterile land, but the comfortable and fertile territories.


The AridGrow® Technology allows creating, constantly increase and strengthening a fertile soil layer. After it, gives an opportunity for intensive agricultural application of the land, using not only well-known methods and ways of melioration, but also the special means of the AridGrow® Technology for intensification of the crop growth.

For this purposes the AridGrow® Technology also offers a full system of the special additives (improvers and optimizers) for reestablishment of the soil fertility for cultivation of various kinds of vegetables and agricultural plants. It is not a secret that when a fertile soil is exhausted and outspent, there are only two ways of its efficiency restoration. The first one is not to use this soil for a year or two, i.e. to leave it free for independent natural restoration of the fertility. The second way is to bring artificially into the soil all those organic, biological and mineral elements, which people took away from it with the crop.

Uniqueness of the AridGrow® Technology allows constantly refilling the soil with all used natural substances, necessary for annual crop growth and ripening. In this way, it allows to use the gardening land for an intensive farm-production every year.

Desert Gardening Technology AridGrow®