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BENEFITS of the AridGrow® Products over all other Organic, Mineral or Chemical fertilizers are as versatile properties and functions of the extracted from peat Humic Substances, that saturate the soil with Humus and Organic Matter, natural Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K) and all the necessary Macro and Microelements (B, Ca, Cr, Cu, Mg, Mn, Mo, Ni, Se, Si, Zn), restore and enhance the soil fertility in a natural way at the molecular level for a long period of time, while cleaning at the same time the soil from all types of radioactive and toxic pollutants by converting them into insoluble fixed compounds, which both with the transformation of Humic Substances in time themselves, gradually disintegrate and become completely inactive.

ACCUMULATION FUNCTION is the natural ability of Humic Substances to accumulate and keep for a long period of time all the necessary nutrients, such as Carbohydrates, Amino Acids and a variety of Organic Matter, that carry energy reserves and easily digestible by microorganisms and plants. They contain up to 90-99% of the total soil Nitrogen (N), a half or more of Phosphorus (P) and Sulfur (S), a lot of Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Iron (Fe), and virtually all other microorganisms, necessary Macro and Microelements.

TRANSPORTATION FUNCTION is the ability of the completely soluble stable Complex Compounds, formed in the soil with the help of Humic Substances, to geochemical migration. The most Microelements, Phosphorus (P+) and Sulfur (S+) Compounds are actively migrate in the soil in such a soluble complex form and transport all the necessary nutrition to plants.

REGULATION FUNCTION is the ability to regulate the most important soil properties such as heat treatment, heat capacity and thermal conductivity, as the formation of soil structure and the ability of Humic Substances to dissolve many soil minerals, which leads to the mobilization of all the hard-to-get elements of mineral nutrition of plants.

PROTECTION FUNCTION is the ability to bind to inactive or insoluble compounds and a variety of toxic, radioactive elements, including the heavy metal ions, radionuclides, pesticides, hydrocarbons, and phenols. Humic Substances permanently remove them from the sphere of direct contact with living cells, and over time the transformation of Humic Substances themselves accompanied by the complete destruction of toxic organic compounds or their conversion into inactive compounds. Humus soil better resist drought or waterlogging, less prone to erosion and deflation, longer retain favorable properties at an irrigation in general, including higher doses or saline (salty) water. Also Humic Substances protect the soil and groundwater from the transfer of toxic substances through the soil layer to groundwater severely restricted in the presence of inactive organic soil components, in this case substantially and that limited vertical migration and contamination of drinking water, not only metals or pesticides, but anions such movable as Nitrate (NO3-) and Chloride (Cl-) ions.

PHYSIOLOGICAL FUNCTION is the ability of Humic Substances to effect directly on the soil microorganisms and their role as carriers of essential Amino Acids, Vitamins and Antibiotics, contributing not only to the active stimulation of growth and development directly to the plants and their resistance to various types of diseases, but also to shorten the product maturation and prolongation of flowering and fruiting, significantly increase its productivity by the size and number of fruits, obtained and significant improving its quality and organoleptic characteristics and at the same time significantly reducing their Nitrate content.

AridGrow® Technology significantly reduces the use of expensive fresh irrigation water!

Today the AridGrow® Technology is the only and unique system of the soil fertility restoration and its total recreation. All other greening or gardening technologies are directed on improvements of the existing fertile soil characteristics or on creation of the temporary artificial conditions for the plants growth. That demands continuous financial expenses for support of survival and full-scale life activity of the gardening plants.

Due to its uniqueness, natural and ecologically balanced mechanism of the "soil - plant" interaction will be launched and reactivated, automatically self-adjusting and self-developing in time. It results in the total recreation of a favorable and fertile ecosystem.

The AridGrow® Technology provides restoration and reconstruction of a structure of a rich fertile soil, where it brakes by various impacts of a natural or ethnogeny character or does not exist earlier at all.

Today the AridGrow® Technology is the only, unique desert gardening technology that does not based on the water, and water is not its main component. The unique water-keeping effect of the Powdered Humic SOIL CREATOR AridGrow® and effective nutritional value of the Liquid Humic SOIL ACTIVATOR AridGrow® allows to refuse completely from daily irrigating of the gardening plants and proceeding to a new watering technique - not more often than once per week. It reduces on the average in 10 times not only consumption of the expensive freshened irrigation water, but also considerably cuts down expenses for it's purchasing.

AridGrow® Products are applied to restore and improve the fertility of all types of soils, disturbed by human activities and contaminated with heavy metals (radionuclides), agricultural chemicals, salinized and desert areas by accumulation of the soil moisture for greening purposes, arrangement of sports facilities, lawns, roadsides etc., as well as in ORGANIC AGRICULTURE for cultivation of various types and kinds of flowers, ornamentals, vegetables, berries, fruits, cereals and other crops in the fields and geenhouses, for root and foliar feeding, drip irrigation, spraying and seedbed seed treatment for production of ecologically pure products with improved quality and consumer properties, to increase yield.

Therefore, the AridGrow® Technology is not only the better and faster solution for the main task, but also, which is the most important, requires much lower financial expenses for its application. We can say that, your money saved twice by the AridGrow® Technology, because of the better survival of the planted trees and bushes. The percentage of survived plants is much higher in comparison with other desert greening and gardening technologies. That is why it is not necessary to invest time after time significant sums of money into re-planting or re-greening the same territories.

AridGrow® Technology creates The soil fertility forever!