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The AridGrow® is a universal and a highly effective Technology of the Desert Greening and Gardening. It shows tremendous results in any arid, droughty and salinized soil. The main products of the AridGrow® Technology are made in Belarus - motherland of peat. They are made in a highly concentrated substance for a price reduction, because of the long-distance transportation from the place of manufacture to the place of application. Also, it is necessary to make adaptation of the concentrated AridGrow® Products to the local soil, climate conditions and various kinds of the grown plants, i.e. to suggest for sale ready-to-use products.

That is why we are looking for PARTNERS as a local regional DEALERS for a mutual benefit. In this case, we invite different companies, engaged in a desert gardening, greening constructing, landscape designing, vegetable raising or plant growing, farming or intensive agricultural production.


  • REPRESENTATION of the AridGrow® Technology in a definite region and its complex advertising;
  • PRODUCTION of the adapted and ready-to-use AridGrow® Products in the region;
  • SALE and RESALE of the adapted and ready-to-use AridGrow® Products in the region;
  • USE of the AridGrow® Technology and adapted and ready-to-use AridGrow® Products in the region;
  • CONTROL of the exact use of the AridGrow® Technology by the buyers and consumers for a long period of time with the purpose of non-discreditation of the AridGrow®Technology because of its wrong application.

the purpose of cooperation is developing of the new commodity markets and increasing business efficiency due to universality and uniqueness of the AridGrow® Technology!