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introduction and features

Today, desertification is one of the actual ecological problems. Scientists through all over the world try to stop desert approaching and try to use unsuitable and arid lands in the blessing of humanity. The local population in everyday life develops various technologies of irrigating, greening and gardening of the arid and exhausted territories with the main purpose of their agricultural use.

Sandy and stony deserts occupy about 20% of the Earth surface and its area constantly increases. For example, the South boundary of Sahara annually moves on 50 kilometers, and economic activity of the local population only promotes desertification. Every year deserts occupy the territory comparable with Belgium by area. Moreover, the further the deserts come, the more actual become the scientific developments in this field.

In practice, only Arabian Sheikhs are actively engaged in the desert gardening. For example, in greening the roads, connecting Emirate Abu-Dhabi with other cities of the United Arab Emirates, the country has already spent 4,5 billion dollars. There were planted 25 million date palms. Annually these palms need for irrigating more than 700 million tons of the expensive fresh irrigation water. This is one of the common disadvantages of the well-known desert greening and gardening technologies. They all based on using of water and need a huge amount of this too expensive in the desert areas product.

The next common disadvantage of any desert greening or gardening technology is the partial survival of the plants. There is no secret, that a significant part of plants does not take roots and periodically demands their replanting. That results in continuous financial extra charges for the same "already greened" territories. That is why, all up-to-date desert greening or gardening technologies are too expensive and need too much irrigation water.

The most efficient and promising desert gardening technology developed in the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus. It allows to RESTORE COMPLETELY THE LOST FERTILITY of arid, exhausted and salinized soils. It is named AridGrow® (Growing when Arid). Moreover, it based on natural qualities and complementary properties of the natural organic products - HUMIC SUBSTANCES.

We have developed the new highly concentrated natural organic AMELIORANTS-SOIL CONDITIONERS OF A LONG-LASTING EFFECT, extracted from PEAT and SAPROPEL on special AridGrow® Technology, which have no analogues in the world - a Powdered Humic SOIL CREATOR AridGrow® and a Liquid Humic SOIL ACTIVATOR AridGrow®. Mixed with a local arid, exhausted and salinized soil in particular proportions, they recreate and reproduce properties of the black fertile soil in which all landed trees, bushes and plants very quickly take roots, start growing and developing. A new ecosystem, rebuilding by the AridGrow® SOIL CREATOR and the AridGrow® SOIL ACTIVATOR, is self-sufficient and self-developing. Further performance of the AridGrow® Technology leads the newly created ecosystem to the full restoration of the once-lost natural soil fertility.

Any desert gardening technology demands a plenty of fresh irrigation water, freshening machines and irrigating systems. The AridGrow® Technology is not an exception of this common rule. However, the application of the AridGrow® Technology reduces water consumption minimum in 4 times in comparison with the existing up-to-date desert gardening technologies. It occurs due to unique and specific properties of the Powdered Humic SOIL CREATOR AridGrow® to accumulate and keep the water. The water-keeping effect does not allow irrigation water to leave to the sand and saves moisture for roots of the planted trees.

Adding small volumes of the Liquid Humic SOIL ACTIVATOR AridGrow® into irrigation water reduces once-per-day process of irrigating into once-per-week casual watering and once-per-month feeding of the landed plants and soil. Nevertheless, the roots of the gardening plants receive everyday enough water and organic elements for their successful growth and development.

Due to all of these features, application of the AridGrow® Technology allows radically reduce expenses for irrigation water and completely avoid different sorts of chemical, mineral and organic fertilizers. Systematically managing of the arid and lifeless soil by the AridGrow® Technology certainly turns it into a rich fertile land, suitable for not only trees, bushes and plants, but for a successive agricultural application of the recultivated and completely restored territories.

Desert Gardening Technology AridGrow®