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2024, SHARJAH, UAE - Landscaping Project for Merlin Test Site by using AridGrow Technology

2023, Marriott Hotel, MINSK, BELARUS - AridGrow at the forum "Export League-2023"

2022, DUBAI, UAE - Landscaping Project for a Multi-Sports Complex for Cricket by using AridGrow Technology

2021, UST-LABINSK, RUSSIA - AridGrow at International Agricultural Exhibition "Golden Niva-2021"

2020, WARSAW, POLAND - AridGrow at the Central Agricultural Exhibition-2020

2019, DUBAI, UAE - AridGrow with Merlin Digital at Dubai International Exhibitions

2019, MINSK, BELARUS - AridGrow at International Agro-Industrial Exhibition "BelAGRO-2019"

2019, WARSAW, AUGSBURG, PARIS, KIELCE - AridGrow at International Agro-Industrial Exhibitions of Europe

2018, VENICE, ITALY - Workshop-recommendation on the use of AridGrow Products in Organic Agriculture

2018, SMOLENSK, RUSSIA - "Turnkey" landscaping of the Green Hills Garden by using AridGrow

2018, MINSK, BELARUS - AridGrow at International Agro-Industrial Exhibition "BelAGRO-2018"

2018, LARNACA, CYPRUS - Trees planting on GROASIS Technology by using AridGrow Products

2017, DUBAI, UAE - "Turnkey" landscaping of the Al Reeh stables in Dubai World Stables by using AridGrow

2017, SICILY, ITALY - harvesting of the organic fruits, grown by using AridGrow

2017, RIMINI, ITALY - AridGrow at International Fruit & Vegetable Professional Show "MACFRUIT-2017"

2017, AKTOBE, KAZAKHSTAN - Tests on Oil pollution neutralization by using AridGrow Oil Absorbent

2017, ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN - AridGrow at International Agro-Industrial Exhibition "AgriTech/FarmTech-2017"

2016, NURSERY KRYLOVICH.BY, MINSK REGION, BELARUS - organic vegetables & fruits plantation tests

2016, KRASNODAR, RUSSIA - AridGrow at International Agricultural Exhibition "Golden Niva-2016"

2016, GREENHOUSES "DORORS", MINSK REGION, BELARUS - organic cucumbers & tomatoes tests (increase harvest by 10%)

2015, NURSERY KRYLOVICH.BY, MINSK REGION, BELARUS - organic berries & fruits plantation tests

2015, NITRA, SLOVAKIA - AridGrow at Slovak Agrokomplex 2015 Exhibition

2015, MINSK REGION, BELARUS - grain and forage tests in organic farming (increase harvest by 10%)

2015, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - AridGrow at signing of Belarus-Saudi intergovernmental agreement on cooperation

2014, MINSK, BELARUS - landscaping of a private cottage

2014, Abu-Dhabi, UAE - AridGrow at Belarus-UAE Business Summit

2013, MINSK REGION, BELARUS - creating a lawn in sandy soil

2013, PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA - garden roses plantation test (increase growth and flowering by 30%-40%)

2012, MAO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - organic banana plantation test (increase harvest by 70%-80%)

2012, JEBEL ALI, UAE - JRD international warehouse landscaping project

2011, RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA - AridGrow at Saudi Agriculture 2011 Exhibition

2010, AHWAZ, IRAN - AridGrow workshop and sugarcane plantation test

2010, DOHA, QATAR - AridGrow at Belarus-Qatar Business Summit

2010, DUBAI, UAE - AridGrow at AGRA Middle East 2010 Exhibition

2009, JEBEL ALI, UAE - salt lake greening landscaping project

2008, DUBAI, UAE - AridGrow at Belarus Industrial and Technological Exhibition

2008, DUBAI, UAE - ornamental date palm trees landscaping project

2007, DOHA, QATAR - landscaping of a State Residence

2007, SHARJAH, UAE - creation of a private vegetable garden in the desert

2006, AMMAN, JORDAN - olive trees revitalization and the city landscaping project

2005, AMMAN, JORDAN - creation of a lawn and a private villa greening project

2004, SAKHIR, BAHRAIN - the first application of the AridGrow Technology and AridGrow Products

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